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  • Waking Up to the Dharma
    Wednesday, November 3, 2021 7:00 p.m. Rev. Yuki Sugahara Oregon Buddhist Temple When his temple closed for in-person services at the onset of the pandemic, Rev. Yuki Sugahara realized that he would need to try new ways to make the Dharma available to his Sangha members. Inspired by the dedication of the first responders and […]

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  • Shōshinge: Hymn of True Shinjin and the Nembutsu (Session 12)
    Wednesday, August 11, 2021 The nembutsu is the easy path to awakening because its liberating power does not come from our own efforts.  In this month’s gathering we will explore the challenges of entrusting our lives to Amida Buddha’s compassionate Vow. […]
  • Sangha Voices: Juliet Bost
    Sangha Voices is a collection of profiles and perspectives featuring our temple members. In this installment, Juliet Bost (San Mateo Buddhist Women’s Association Corresponding Secretary and Young Buddhist Editorial member) speaks about their experience growing up participating in temple activities and […]
  • Reflecting on Wisdom, Joy, and Authenticity (July 18)
    San Mateo Buddhist Women’s Association Corresponding Secretary and Young Buddhist Editorial member Juliet Bost shares a Dharma Talk on the topic of “Reflecting on Wisdom, Joy, and Authenticity” To join us for online Dharma Services, CLICK HERE to sign up for “Live Broadcast […]

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Rev. Henry shares reflections on lessons learned on a recent hike with his family and the importance of looking to the example of those who have gone before as we prepare to return to more of our pre-pandemic activities.

Reverend Henry’s Latest Message

  • In a House Full of Good People, the Fighting Never Ends
    When I first encountered the Jodo Shinshu teaching, I remember being startled to hear the minister giving a Dharma talk say, “In a house full of good people, the fighting never ends.”  My idea of a “good person” was someone who knows what is right and always does the right thing.  I had been studying Buddhism in the hope of […]