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  • Unsurpassed is awakening, I vow to realize it (August 1)
    This week we will continue our four part series exploring the Four Universal Bodhisattva Vows that express the compassion and dedication to service that characterizes the Dharma path of Mahayana Buddhism. The theme for the July 25 talk will be “Unsurpassed is awakening, I vow to realize it.” Schedule8:30 a.m. Shoshinge Sofu Chanting9:00 a.m. Taiso […]
  • Shōshinge: Hymn of True Shinjin and the Nembutsu (Session 12)
    Wednesday, August 11, 2021 We welcome you to join us via Zoom Meeting from the comfort and safety of your own home on Wednesday, June 9 for this free Dharma Study Class. 6:00 p.m. Shōshinge Sōfu Chanting The nembutsu is the easy path to awakening because its liberating power does not come from our own […]

Recent Posts

  • Reflecting on Wisdom, Joy, and Authenticity (July 18)
    San Mateo Buddhist Women’s Association Corresponding Secretary and Young Buddhist Editorial member Juliet Bost shares a Dharma Talk on the topic of “Reflecting on Wisdom, Joy, and Authenticity” To join us for online Dharma Services, CLICK HERE to sign up for “Live Broadcast […]
  • Shōshinge: Hymn of True Shinjin and the Nembutsu (Session 11)
    In this session we will reflect upon the Dharma truth expressed in the lotus, a symbol of pure awakening that blossoms, not in pristine clear water, but from the messy muck of everyday life. All foolish beings, whether good or evil,When […]
  • Shōshinge: Hymn of True Shinjin and the Nembutsu (Session 10)
    This session will delve into the meaning expressed the following metaphor of the sun that shines through clouds and mists, and how the Buddha’s wisdom illuminates our lives even in times of difficulty and confusion. The light of compassion that grasps […]

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Video of Recent Dharma Talk

Rev. Henry shares reflections on lessons learned on a recent hike with his family and the importance of looking to the example of those who have gone before as we prepare to return to more of our pre-pandemic activities.

Reverend Henry’s Latest Message

  • At the Fair, on the Farm
    Having spent much of past sixteen months sheltering at home, this summer has brought a joyful return to some of our favorite pre-pandemic activities, including a visit to the San Mateo County Fair.  Even breathing through my mask, the smells of the county fair brought back waves of memories of past summers.  The smell of barbequed ribs, turkey legs, and […]