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San Mateo Buddhist Temple Member Mrs. Michiko Mukai shares memories of her experiences in the World War II Japanese-American incarceration camps, and how her family returned to San Mateo and rebuilt their life following the war.

Upcoming Events

  • San Mateo Buddhist Temple Bazaar 2024
    June 22 & 23 We need your help! Click the links below to volunteer: SMBT is looking forward to our upcoming Annual Temple Bazaar. Please join our family & friends and enjoy our delicious foods, craft and bake sale, fun games for the children. Even before our event, we are reaching out to the community… Read more: San Mateo Buddhist Temple Bazaar 2024
  • 特別法座:江本常照先生 Special Dharma Lecture by Rev. Jōshō Emoto
    2024年7月8日(月曜日)午後3時からサンマテオ仏教会の本堂で特別法座を行います。 Monday, July 8, 2024 3:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) Special Dharma Lecture live in person at the San Mateo Buddhist Temple. 江本常照先生 真宗大谷派 普光山長仁寺 住職 大分県中津市 Rev. Jōshō Emoto Resident Minister, Choninji Temple Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture, Japan この日本語の法座は英語の通訳付きで行います。 This talk will be delivered in Japanese with English interpretation by Rev. Henry Adams. オンライン(ズーム・ミーティング)で参加する方は、ここで「日本語の法話」に登録してください。To join us online… Read more: 特別法座:江本常照先生 Special Dharma Lecture by Rev. Jōshō Emoto

Recent Posts

  • Ways of Practicing Dana
    The three types of Dana: 1. The gift of material goods (財施 zai-se): To share of one’s wealth and property for the benefit of the community and those in need. 2. The gift of Dharma (法施 hō-se): To share one’s appreciation… Read more: Ways of Practicing Dana

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Reverend Henry’s Latest Message

  • Our Parents of Great Compassion
    Mother’s Day is celebrated in the month of May.  Some people feel the closest maternal connection to the woman who gave birth to them.  Others have a special connection with mother figures who are not their birth mother, but those who have given them great care and kindness over the years.  I recall one temple member whose mother lived far… Read more: Our Parents of Great Compassion