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Rev. Henry Adams leads the Hanamatsuri Celebration of the Buddha’s Birthday via Zoom Meeting

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  • Ikkō Ikki: Nembutsu Uprisings

    Wednesday, July 8, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom Meeting

    In 15th and 16th Century Japan, Jodo Shinshu priests, warriors, peasant farmers and merchants joined forces to create and defend communities grounded in the Nembutsu teaching.

Reverend Henry’s Latest Messages

  • The Company of Good Friends
                  For the third month in a row, I am writing my Temple newsletter under the Shelter in Place Order.  While our Sangha has pulled together wonderfully to continue many of our regular Temple activities online, including weekly Sunday Services and Dharma Discussions via Zoom Meeting, my family and I really miss spending time with […]
  • Hearing one another, hearing the Buddha
    One month ago, as I sat down to write my newsletter article for April, we were just beginning our life of staying at home under the Shelter in Place Order.  My mind was filled with uncertainty about what the coming weeks would bring. I did not imagine the extent to which this coronavirus would affect […]
  • The Sangha Treasure
    I hope this message finds you well, and that you are receiving comfort and clarity from the boundless wisdom and compassion of Amida Buddha in these stressful times.  As my good friend Rev. Harry Gyokyo Bridge of the Buddhist Church of Oakland reminded me in a recent e-mail, “Don’t forget to say the Nembutsu.”  Even […]


2020-06-27 法味:バザーでありがたく味わえる仏様の教え San Mateo Buddhist Temple

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