President’s Message: May 2020

Hello all from the Kawahara Shelter. As we are quickly going through our second month of Shelter in Place, the routine is easing for us. Cindy and I are now in a rhythm as I work from home and she finds many things for me to do. Derek is lucky as he still gets to go to the lab to work. And all of my “panic shopping” has been done and I am no longer going to Lucky or Safeway or Costco every day. I even saw shelves of toilet paper at Target. Most things have calmed down. I will say that the one thing I am still in need of is a haircut. Not only is my barber closed, but I also cannot purchase a hair clipper, either at Target or on Amazon. The one unruly thing in my life is now my hair (and Derek’s hair too!!!). I have heard that parks and golf courses are starting to open for public use once again, but I am waiting for the day I can go to the barber and get a nice, clean haircut. It is the little things that make life complete…

As this unprecedented time continues to go along, I have been asked many times how the Temple is doing. I am happy to report that the Temple is not in distress at this time. We are safe financially and have a plan in place to be sure that services will take place in some manner, as the county regulations and orders will allow. I will ask that you please continue to think of the Temple and continue to donate to the Temple as you normally would. The future of our normal major fundraiser, the annual bazaar, is still up in the air, with a final decision to come soon. Please continue your generous donations to our Temple.

We would also like to remind everyone to contact us here at the Temple if you need assistance at home. If you need help with getting groceries or other services, please contact us at, or call the Temple or Sensei. We have a list of volunteers that are willing to help in this time of need, with whatever we can do. Please be safe during this crisis and we will come through this together.

President’s Message: April 2020

Hello all from the Kawahara Shelter. The three of us are in various states of Shelter in Place… Cindy is off of work as Dr. Carole’s practice is shuttered for the time being, I am working from home (lucky me), and Derek is still going into work as he is working for one of the critical businesses. That leaves Cindy and me at home, together, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, until the end of the event. I never knew going shopping or going to work was so nice.

I hope that you and your families are safe at home as well. With this trying time, we normally can look towards our temple as a source and location of hope and inspiration. Unfortunately, for the safety of all, we are not able to go to the temple to meet. Fortunately, our Rev. Adams is very tech savvy and has found a way to deliver the Dharma message using the latest gadgets available.

I would also like to offer to everyone an invitation to contact us here at the temple if you need assistance at home. If you need help with getting groceries or other services, please contact us at We have a list of volunteers that are willing to help in this time of need, with whatever we can do.

Please be safe during this crisis and we will come through this together

President’s Message: March 2020

March2020Hello all and happy March to everyone. I am so glad to be leaving February and moving on towards springtime. The winter has been long, cold and gloomy. My golf game has really taken a beating, as we have only been able to get out a few times over the last several months. Between the busy holiday season, the bitter cold mornings and the rain we experienced over the winter, my golf buddies and I have not planned very many golf outings. But with sunny days ahead, I am looking forward to a typical California spring and summer.

I know that there is always good and bad in the world, that you really cannot have one without the other. But, I would encourage anyone that is feeling down, or blue, to reach out to someone at our Temple. I have found that there are many very wise, knowledgeable and caring people here, starting with Reverend Adams. There are so many people willing to listen or help, that you are never alone or beyond help.

Your Temple is here to help you in the good and the bad times. Remember, you are not alone…

President’s Message: February 2020

Happy New Year to all!!! I cannot believe this will be my third (and final) year as the President of the San Mateo Buddhist Temple. This will also mark the 110thyear for the San Mateo Buddhist Temple. It has been such an honor to serve you and the Sangha these past years.

As the year starts, I would like to thank Reverend & Mrs. Adams, all of the Temple Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees, the Buddhist Women’s Association, the Jr. YBA, the Girls Scouts, the Cub Scouts, and all of the Temple’s affiliated organizations. Our temple thrives when it is used by our members and organizations.

Let us make this 110th year the most memorable year for the San Mateo Buddhist Temple. See you around..

President’s Message: January 2020

Winter is upon us and it is getting really cold. As we close out the year 2019, we can look back at a very successful year for the Temple and BCA. I would like to thank the membership for electing me for one more term as the Temple president. I will endeavor to work hard for the temple and try to make this, our temple’s 110th year a good one.

We have a few projects planned for the year: polish the social hall floor, complete the parsonage renovation, and the 110-year project. If you know of any other temple related projects that you might like to see considered for 2020, please let us know.

I hope to see you all and the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Services