Dharma School

Family-Friendly Dharma School Service Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

All are welcome!

2019-2020 San Mateo Buddhist Temple Dharma School Outline
September Major Service: Autumn Ohigan
2019/9/8Dāna: Wearing the Badge of the Nembutsu in our Hearts
2019/9/15Breaking out of my shell
2019/9/22Autumn Ohigan Service (Guest Speaker: Rev. Shinri Hara)
2019/9/29[Rev. Henry Away=Talks by Summer Terakoya Youth]
October Major Service:  Eshinni Kakushinni Memorial Service
2019/10/6Pet & Plant Memorial  (Guest Speaker: Rev. Ryoko Nishitani)
2019/10/13Eshinni Kakushinni Memorial (Guest Speaker: Rev. Elaine Donlin)
2019/10/20[Rev. Henry Away=Sangha Speaker]
2019/10/27Halloween Party
November Major Service: Eitaikyo Perpetual Memorial
2019/11/3I will share a warm smile
2019/11/10Veteran’s Day Service
2019/11/17Eitaikyo Memorial (Guest Speaker: Rev. Dr. David Matsumoto)
2019/11/24I will speak gentle words
December Major Service: Bodhi Day
2019/12/1Bodhi Day
2019/12/8The kind Buddha
2019/12/15Not becoming lost in my greed
January Major Service: Hoonko (Shinran Shonin’s Memorial Service)
2020/1/5Not becoming lost in my anger
2020/1/12Hoonko Shinran Memorial (Guest Speaker=Rev. Dean Koyama)
2020/1/19[Rev. Henry Away=Sangha Speaker]
2020/1/26Not becoming lost in my ignorance
February Major Service: Nirvana Day
2020/2/2I shall think with an open mind
2020/2/9Nirvana Day
2020/2/16I shall act with an open mind
2020/2/23[Rev. Henry Away=Sangha Speaker]
March Major Service: Spring Ohigan
2020/3/1The calm Buddha
2020/3/8The peaceful Buddha
2020/3/22Spring Ohigan Service (Guest Speaker=Rev. William Masuda)
2020/3/29Not putting myself first
April Major Service: Hanamatsuri (Sakyamuni Buddha’s Birthday)
2020/4/5I will share in the joy of others
2020/4/12[Rev. Henry Away=Sangha Speaker]
2020/4/19Hanamatsuri Service (Guest Speaker)
2020/4/26I will share in the sadness of others
May Major Service: Gotan-e (Shinran Shonin’s Birthday)
2020/5/3The compassionate Buddha
2020/5/10Parent’s Day and Hatsumairi
2020/5/17[Rev. Adams Away=Sangha Speaker]
2020/5/24Realizing the gift of life I have received
2020/5/31Gotan-e Shinran’s Birthday (Guest Speaker)
 June: End of Dharma School Year
2020/6/7I shall strive to live each day to its fullest
2020/6/14The Buddha who tirelessly works to liberate all