Dharma Talks

We are a temple of the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist School, which emphasizes mindfulness of the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion in our daily lives and the recitation of the Name of Amida Buddha (Namo Amida Butsu) with a heart of gratitude.

  • First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma
    In this talk, we hear the story of the moment that Sakyamuni became a fully enlightened Buddha and why he chose to begin his 45 years of teaching the Dharma with his five former companions gathered in the Deer Park. During the 2020-2021 Dharma School Year, we will be exploring the Four Noble Truths and […]
  • Shōshinge: Hymn of True Shinjin and the Nembutsu, Session 01
    In this first session in the Shōshinge Study Class Series, we explore the meaning of the Shōshinge and how it applies to our daily lives, beginning with the opening verse: I take refuge in the Tathagata of Immeasurable Life!I entrust myself to the Buddha of Inconceivable Light! PowerPoint Slides Dharma Talk Audio
  • Impressions
    For the September 6, 2020 Shotsuki Hoyo Monthly Memorial Service, Rev. Adams reflects on the impressions that the loved ones we remember in September have made on our lives, and the impression that the Nembutsu makes on our minds.
  • Resting the Monkey Mind
    As we celebrate rest and relaxation on this Labor Day weekend, we will look to the Buddha’s teaching for guidance on how to settle our minds, which are said to be busier than a mischievous monkey as they rush to and fro in response to the pleasures and discomforts of the six senses.
  • Offering Incense: Adorned with the Fragrance of Light
    Smells evoke powerful memories and associations in our minds. The smell of wildfire smoke evokes concern for the safety and well-being of our families, our communities, and our planet. The smell of incense smoke brings peace of mind and supports mindfulness. This week, we reflect upon the deep symbolism of incense offering and how this […]