Buddhist Education Committee

The Buddhist Education Committee coordinates the religious activities of the Temple. Each member of the committee represents an important part of the Temple by scheduling, preparing, identifying volunteers and introducing new ideas and programs. Any interested member of the Temple may participate in the committee meetings.

You can learn more about the Buddhist Education Committee by contacting smbt@sanmateobuddhisttemple.org

BEC Activities

  • Shōshinge: Hymn of True Shinjin and the Nembutsu (Session 13)
    Wednesday, September 8, 2021 We welcome you to join us via Zoom Meeting from the comfort and safety of your own home on Wednesday, June 9 for this free Dharma Study Class. 6:00 p.m. Shōshinge Sōfu Chanting Chanting Shōshinge embodies the heart of daily Nembutsu practice in Jodo Shinshu Buddhism.  Join us to experience the […]
  • Why I Abandoned Sundry Practices
    Wednesday, September 1, 2021 7:00 p.m. Alexander O’Neill Ph.D. Candidate, University of Toronto Visiting Researcher, Taisho University, Tokyo Alexander O’Neill is a PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on Mahāyāna Buddhism. He does research on Mahāyāna sūtra literature and the Newar Buddhism of the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. His recent publications have focused […]
  • Shōshinge: Hymn of True Shinjin and the Nembutsu (Session 12)
    Wednesday, August 11, 2021 The nembutsu is the easy path to awakening because its liberating power does not come from our own efforts.  In this month’s gathering we will explore the challenges of entrusting our lives to Amida Buddha’s compassionate Vow. For evil sentient beings of wrong views and arrogance,The nembutsu that embodies Amida’s Primal […]
  • Shōshinge: Hymn of True Shinjin and the Nembutsu (Session 11)
    In this session we reflect upon the Dharma truth expressed in the lotus, a symbol of pure awakening that blossoms, not in pristine clear water, but from the messy muck of everyday life. All foolish beings, whether good or evil,When they hear and entrust to Amida’s universal Vow,Are praised by the Buddha as people of […]
  • Shōshinge: Hymn of True Shinjin and the Nembutsu (Session 10)
    This session will delve into the meaning expressed the following metaphor of the sun that shines through clouds and mists, and how the Buddha’s wisdom illuminates our lives even in times of difficulty and confusion. The light of compassion that grasps us illumines and protects us always;The darkness of our ignorance is already broken through;Still […]