Dharma School

The Dharma School, for ages Pre-K – 12th grade, provides an enjoyable introduction to Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. Class activities include crafts, skits, parties, games, and more. Classes are taught by volunteer teachers, under the guidance of the Temple minister.

Dharma School year runs from September through June, but we welcome new families to our Temple and Dharma School at any time of the year. To learn more about Dharma School please contact smbtdharmaschool@gmail.com

A Dharma talk for Dharma School Students

Posts about Dharma School

  • Welcoming Change & Dharma School Awards Ceremony (June 12)
    As we come to the end of our Dharma School Year, Rev. Adams will share his appreciation of Amida Buddha’s 48th and final Vow and the three dharma-insights we receive from living in the nembutsu: (1) insight to hear the truth, (2) insight to live differently based on what we have learned, and (3) insight to accept when […]
  • The Home of Little Birds
    (“Kotori no ie” by Akamatsu Gessen, illustrated by Tateno Yasunosuke, in Bukkyo Dōwa Zenshū, Vol. 8, p. 139-147, Translation by Henry Adams) Long ago in the Latter Han Dynasty, there was a family named Yang who lived in the Chinese capital.  They had one son named Bao.  This story takes place when Bao was nine years old. […]
  • Vintage Dharma School “The Strength of Faith” (1950’s?)
    In the post-WWII period, these weekly lessons were given to Dharma School students each week to be pasted into a special notebook. This lesson for Mother’s Day is from the collection of Mrs. Yoriko Kawakita.

Family-Friendly Dharma School Service Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

All are welcome!