Dharma School

The Dharma School, for ages Pre-K – 12th grade, provides an enjoyable introduction to Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. Class activities include crafts, skits, parties, games, and more. Classes are taught by volunteer teachers, under the guidance of the Temple minister.

Dharma School year runs from September through June, but we welcome new families to our Temple and Dharma School at any time of the year. To learn more about Dharma School please contact smbtdharmaschool@gmail.com

A recent Dharma talk for Dharma School Students

Posts about Dharma School

  • Momotaro (Peach Boy) Story and Dharma Talk
    On Sunday, June 28, 2020, we were delighted to welcome Mary Jo Kubota Sensei from our SMBT Summer Terakoya teaching team to share a traditional kamishibai telling of story of Momotaro, the Adventures of Peach Boy in English during our Zoom Dharma Service.  Rev. Henry’s Dharma Talk highlighted the Buddhist themes in this beloved children’s […]
  • Live Each Day to Its Fullest
    We reflect upon what it has meant for us to “live each day to its fullest / Like the Buddha who tirelessly works to liberate all” as we come to the end of this extraordinary school year.“Realizing the gift of life I have receivedI shall strive to live each day to its fullestLike the Buddha […]
  • The Gift of Life
    Rev. Adams shares reflections on his early childhood as the son of a police officer in the Minneapolis metro area,  as we consider our present moment and what it means for us to “realize the gift of life we have received” inspired by the words of Our Pledge:Realizing the gift of life I have receivedI shall strive […]
  • The Compassionate Buddha
  • Shared Ancestors
    As summer vacation draws to a close we prepare to welcome the Autumn Equinox with our Ohigan Service on Sunday, September 23. Looking back on the lively season of temple activities that we enjoy between our bazaar in late June and our Obon in mid-August, I fondly recall the week of our Summer Terakoya Buddhist […]

Family-Friendly Dharma School Service Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

All are welcome!

2019-2020 San Mateo Buddhist Temple Dharma School Outline
September Major Service: Autumn Ohigan
2019/9/8Dāna: Wearing the Badge of the Nembutsu in our Hearts
2019/9/15Breaking out of my shell
2019/9/22Autumn Ohigan Service (Guest Speaker: Rev. Shinri Hara)
2019/9/29[Rev. Henry Away=Talks by Summer Terakoya Youth]
October Major Service:  Eshinni Kakushinni Memorial Service
2019/10/6Pet & Plant Memorial  (Guest Speaker: Rev. Ryoko Nishitani)
2019/10/13Eshinni Kakushinni Memorial (Guest Speaker: Rev. Elaine Donlin)
2019/10/20[Rev. Henry Away=Sangha Speaker]
2019/10/27Halloween Party
November Major Service: Eitaikyo Perpetual Memorial
2019/11/3I will share a warm smile
2019/11/10Veteran’s Day Service
2019/11/17Eitaikyo Memorial (Guest Speaker: Rev. Dr. David Matsumoto)
2019/11/24I will speak gentle words
December Major Service: Bodhi Day
2019/12/1Bodhi Day
2019/12/8The kind Buddha
2019/12/15Not becoming lost in my greed
January Major Service: Hoonko (Shinran Shonin’s Memorial Service)
2020/1/5Not becoming lost in my anger
Hoonko Shinran Memorial (Guest Speaker=Rev. Dean Koyama)
2020/1/19[Rev. Henry Away=Sangha Speaker]
2020/1/26Not becoming lost in my ignorance
February Major Service: Nirvana Day
2020/2/2I shall think with an open mind
2020/2/9Nirvana Day
2020/2/16I shall act with an open mind
2020/2/23[Rev. Henry Away=Sangha Speaker]
March Major Service: Spring Ohigan
2020/3/1The calm Buddha
2020/3/8The peaceful Buddha
2020/3/22Spring Ohigan Service (Guest Speaker=Rev. William Masuda)
2020/3/29Not putting myself first
April Major Service: Hanamatsuri (Sakyamuni Buddha’s Birthday)
2020/4/5I will share in the joy of others
2020/4/12[Rev. Henry Away=Sangha Speaker]
2020/4/19Hanamatsuri Service (Guest Speaker)
2020/4/26I will share in the sadness of others
May Major Service: Gotan-e (Shinran Shonin’s Birthday)
2020/5/3The compassionate Buddha
2020/5/10Parent’s Day and Hatsumairi
2020/5/17[Rev. Adams Away=Sangha Speaker]
2020/5/24Realizing the gift of life I have received
2020/5/31Gotan-e Shinran’s Birthday (Guest Speaker)
 June: End of Dharma School Year
2020/6/7I shall strive to live each day to its fullest
2020/6/14The Buddha who tirelessly works to liberate all