President’s Message: March 2020

March2020Hello all and happy March to everyone. I am so glad to be leaving February and moving on towards springtime. The winter has been long, cold and gloomy. My golf game has really taken a beating, as we have only been able to get out a few times over the last several months. Between the busy holiday season, the bitter cold mornings and the rain we experienced over the winter, my golf buddies and I have not planned very many golf outings. But with sunny days ahead, I am looking forward to a typical California spring and summer.

I know that there is always good and bad in the world, that you really cannot have one without the other. But, I would encourage anyone that is feeling down, or blue, to reach out to someone at our Temple. I have found that there are many very wise, knowledgeable and caring people here, starting with Reverend Adams. There are so many people willing to listen or help, that you are never alone or beyond help.

Your Temple is here to help you in the good and the bad times. Remember, you are not alone…