Rennyo Shonin’s Teachings on Drowsiness (November 26)

During this busy time of year, when a flurry of activity preparing for gatherings of family and friends is often followed by a big meal, we may find ourselves nodding off in a comfortable chair while a football game plays on the TV or friendly conversation carries on around us. Rennyo Shonin’s letter “On Drowsiness” reminds us to reflect deeply on this precious human life.

From The Letters of Rennyo Shonin (Gobunsho) Fascicle 1, Letter 6

I don’t know why, but recently . . . , I have been particularly subject to drowsiness, and when I consider why I should be [so] lethargic, I feel without a doubt that the moment of death leading to birth [in the Pure Land] may be close at hand. This thought makes me sad, and I feel in particular the sorrow of parting. And yet, to this very day I have prepared myself with no lack of care, thinking that the time of birth might be imminent.

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