The Meaning of 108

The number 108 has great significance in Buddhism. There are multiple commentaries the meaning of 108. The following are two common explanations.

Nagarjuna’s explanation of the significance of the number 108 from his Commentary on the Perfection of Great Wisdom:

Human beings have 6 senses 六受:

1) sight 眼→色

2) sound 耳→声

3) smell 鼻→香

4) taste 舌→味

5) touch 身→触

6) thought 意→法

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New Year’s Eve Service

December 31

Join us from the comfort and safety of your own home to bid farewell to 2020. Please do not come to the temple in-person.

Prepare a bell to join us in ringing out the past year via Zoom from your home.  If you don’t have a bell at home, we welcome you to find a creative alternative!

6:00 p.m. Shōya Raisan Chanting
7:00 p.m. New Year’s Eve Dharma Service

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