Sangha Speaker Juliet Bost “MLK Day: A Jodo Shinshu Reflection”

San Mateo Buddhist Women’s Association Corresponding Secretary Juliet Bost shares her appreciation of the Dharma with a talk entitled “MLK Day: A Jodo Shinshu Reflection.”


Please join me in Gassho.

“Primal Vow: If, when I attain Buddhahood, sentient beings in the lands of the ten directions who sincerely and joyfully entrust themselves to me, desire to be born in my land, and contemplate on my name even as many as ten times, should not be born there, may I not attain perfect enlightenment.”


Good morning everyone, and thank you for attending this morning’s youth-led service. I’d like to thank Jarrett, Josh, Haley, and Kate for taking the time to prepare and for being here this morning. It’s wonderful to see you all, if not virtually, and I hope there are more opportunities like this to allow our youth sangha members to step up and lead.

For those of you I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting: My name is Juliet Bost. I’m a third year at UC Davis majoring in Political Science – Public Service and minoring in Religious Studies.

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