Bodhisattva Precepts

In Mahayana Buddhism, the following Bodhisattiva Precepts are commonly taken by both lay and monastic practicers to affirm their commitment to the ideals of Mahayana Buddhism:

The Three Treasures

  1. Taking refuge in the Buddha
  2. Taking refuge in the Dharma
  3. Taking refuge in the Sangha

The Three Pure Precepts

  1. Do not create Evil
  2. Practice Good
  3. Actualize Good For Others

Ten Grave Precepts

  1. not killing         
  2. not stealing 
  3. no debauchery 
  4. not lying 
  5. no trafficking in intoxicants
  6. not talking of the faults of other members of the sangha 
  7. not praising oneself and belittling others
  8. not bringing harm through stinginess 
  9. not letting one’s anger lead to resentment 
  10. not denigrating the Three Treasures