The Sacred Items are Meant to Be Used (March 31)

Rennyo Shonin teaches that our sacred items, such as images of the Buddha, sutra chanting books, the writings of Shinran Shonin, and nenju mindfulness beads should be used regularly in our daily routines, not stowed away like museum pieces for fear of wearing them out. This teaching speaks to the problems of hoarding and clinging to material possessions by reminding us that our material possessions are there to support us on our path to awakening.

From Thus I Have Heard from Rennyo Shonin (Rennyo Shonin Goichidaiki no Kikigaki), No. 5, Trans. Rev. Hisao Inagaki

The scroll of the sacred object of reverence should be kept hanging until it wears away; the sacred scriptures should be read over and over again until they become thread-bare. 

(Rennyo Shonin Goichidaiki-kikigaki translated by Z. H. Inagaki, p. 27) 


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