Sakyamuni Tathagata is Truly Our Loving and Compassionate Parent

In this month of April, we observe our Hanamatsuri Service celebrating the birth of Sakyamuni Buddha.  The many Buddhist traditions of the world celebrate the Buddha’s Birthday.  The Theravada Buddhist observance of Vesak includes the celebration of Sakyamuni Buddha’s birthday and was recognized by the United Nations as an occasion for the world to honor the Buddha’s wisdom and seek the guidance of his teachings.

A multitude of Buddhist lineages span the world, each with special observances honoring the founders and great teachers of their tradition.  All those diverse linages revere Sakyamuni Buddha as the great teacher who appeared in this world.  In that sense, all those who journey through life on the path of the Buddha are our brothers, sisters, and siblings in the Dharma.  In the following section from his Hymns on the Samadhi of All Buddhas’ Presence, Shandao describes the Buddha as the compassionate parent of all those who seek the path to awakening:  

All my friends who aspire for birth in the Pure Land must carefully reflect upon their own lives.  Sakyamuni Tathagata is truly our loving and compassionate parent.  He uses various skillful means to guide us to awaken the unexcelled heart of entrusting.  Moreover, there is not just one gate into his skillful teachings.  This so that they may benefit unenlightened beings like us with our upside-down views.  Those who live by the teachings may pass through any of the gates he taught to encounter the Buddha and attain birth in the Pure Land.

If you see or hear that there is someone doing good, immediately join them and offer your assistance.  If you see or hear that there is someone living by the teachings, offer your praise.  If you hear someone teaching how to practice the Buddha’s teachings, immediately take up the practice and follow their guidance.  If you hear that someone has awakened, immediately rejoice in their awakening.

(Free translation by H. Adams) 

Skillful means refers to the various ways in which the Buddha’s teachings are tailored to the needs of his audience.  Parents with multiple children, will find that each child has unique interests and abilities, as well as different needs.  As such, their way of parenting each of their children may differ depending on the circumstances.  Some children need more guidance than others.  Nevertheless, parents ultimately have the same wish for all their children to lead healthy and happy lives.  Sakyamuni Buddha showed the compassionate concern for all people that a loving parent shows their child.  Because of his deeply held wish that all people would realize lasting peace and bliss, he encourages us to entrust ourselves to Amida Buddha and say the Nembutsu.

Just as parents wish for their children to live together in harmony, the Buddha wishes for all of those who live by his teachings to refrain from arguments, and support and respect one another.   If you see someone working hard on a worthy project, do not hesitate to step forward and lend a hand.

If you encounter someone who is admirably living by the Buddha’s teachings, praise their virtues and let others know about it.  In this world, we have a tendency to delight in gossiping about others’ misdeeds, but consider how the world might be different if we dedicated our attention to celebrating those who live well.  If you hear someone teaching how to apply the Buddha’s teachings in daily life, take a moment to consider your own life with the question, “Is this the way I ought to be living?”  Living with this kind of self-awareness, you will find that your path forward in life will become clearer. 

If we go through life with a self-centered perspective, skeptical or envious thoughts may arise when we hear about another person realizing a great benefit that we have yet to attain.  In contrast, if we enjoy a settled mind of entrusting in the Buddha, we will come to see all people as our brothers, sisters, and siblings and awaken a sincere wish for their peace and happiness.  With this vast heart of entrusting, we rejoice together with the Buddha when we hear of one who has realized the great benefit of awakening.

Namo Amida Butsu