On the Path Free from Doubt

As we remember our loved ones who crossed over to the Other Shore in the month of November, Rev. Adams considers the peace of mind that we realize through trusting in the Buddha’s compassionate vow.

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Vīrya: Striving Toward a Worthy Goal

As we reflect upon the goals to which we aspire in this precious human life, we consider the Buddha’s teachings on diligence, the virtue of making effort for the benefit of others without laziness or negligence.

This Dharma talk is Part Four in a six-part series delivered via Zoom Meeting exploring the core Mahayana Buddhist teaching of the Six Paramitas: giving, discipline, patience, diligence, concentration, and wisdom.  The Six Paramitas describe the characteristics of a well-lived Buddhist life, and endeavoring to practice them in everyday situations is a lifelong journey.

At Peace in the Storm

Rev. Dean Koyama and the members of the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple generously invited the SMBT Sangha to join them via Zoom meeting for their Gotan-e Service, during which Rev. Adams provided the Dharma Message as we celebrated the birth of our founder Shinran Shonin 847 years ago in Kyoto, Japan.  We were delighted to have a special opportunity to deepen our Dharma connection with the Palo Alto Buddhist temple, our nearest neighbor among the Jodo Shinshu Temples of the Bay Area!